AFRICAN BIBLE COLLEGES: Training Christian leaders across the continent of Africa. In 1976 the mission was founded with the vision of establishing university-level Christian colleges in Africa. The purpose of African Bible College is to train dedicated Christian leadership for the evangelical missions, churches and para-church organizations in Africa. LEARN MORE . . .

BRIEF HISTORY: The first African Bible College campus was opened in 1978 in the West African country of Liberia by Jack and Nell Chinchen. In 1991 African Bible College opened its second college in the Central African country of Malawi, and fourteen years later the third college campus was opened in East Africa’s equatorial country of Uganda in 2005.

In God’s providence  the door to Malawi opened in 1988 when ABC was registered with the Malawi government.  By November of that year three missionary families were on the ground in Lilongwe to begin work on the new college.  The official ground breaking was on December 12, 1989 two weeks later the civil war began in Liberia.
ABC Liberia managed to stay open on and off during the early years of the war, but in 1992 the college was forced to close down completely for the next 16 years. In November of 2008 after two years of clearing brush and complete renovation of staff houses, dormitories, classrooms, offices and dinning hall the college was once again up and running.… READ MORE ABOUT THE VISION THE LORD GAVE JACK AND NELL CHINCHEN AND THE FRUIT THAT HAS BORNE.

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